Sunday, November 4, 2012

Comte de Lautréamont - Chants of Maldoror, Fifth Book, Fifth Song

Oh incomprehensible pederasts, I shall not heap insults upon your great degradation; i shall not be the one to pour scorn on your infundibuliform anus.  It is enough that the shameful and almost incurable maladies which besiege you should bring with them their unfailing punishments.  Legislators of stupid institutions, founders of a narrow morality, depart from me, for I am an impartial soul.  And you, young adolescents, or rather young girls, explain to me how and why (but keep a safe distance, for I, too, am unable to control my passions), vengeance has so sprouted in your hearts that you could leave such a crown of sores on the flanks of mankind.  You make it blush at its sons by your conduct (which I venerate!); your prostitution which offers itself to the first comer, taxes the logic of the deepest thinkers, while your extreme sensibility crowns the stupefaction of woman herself.  Are you of a more or less earthly nature than your fellow-beings?  Do you possess a sixth sense which we lack?  Do not lie, and say what you think.  This is not a question I am putting to you; for since as an observer I have been frequenting the sublimity of your intelligence, I know how matters stand.  Blessed be you by my left hand and sanctified by my right hand, angels protected by my universal love.  I kiss your faces, I kiss your breasts, I kiss, with my smooth lips, the different parts of your harmonious and perfumed bodies.  Why did you not tell me immediately what you were, crystallizations of superior moral beauty?  I had to guess for myself the innumerable treasures of tenderness and chastity hidden by the beatings of your oppressed hearts.  Breasts bedecked with rose-garlands and vetiver.  I had to open your legs to know you, I had to place my mouth over the insignia of your shame.  But (I must stress this), do not forget to wash the skin of your lower parts with hot water every day for, if you do not, venereal chancres will infallibly grow on the commissures of my unsatisfied lips.  Oh! if, instead of being a hell, the universe had only been an immense celestial anus, look at the motion I am making with my loins: yes, I would have thrust my verge into its bleeding sphincter, shattering, with my jerking movements, the very walls of its pelvis!  Misery would not then have blown into my blinded eyes from entire dunes of moving sand; I should have discovered the subterranean place where truth lies sleeping and the rivers of my viscous sperm would thus have found an ocean into which they could gush.  But why do I find myself regretting an imaginary state of affairs which will never bear the stamp of final accomplishment?  Let us not trouble to construct fleeting hypotheses.  Meanwhile, let him who burns with ardour to share my bed come and find me; but I make one condition for my hospitality: he must not be more than fifteen years old.  Let him not, on his part, think that I am thirty; what difference does that make?  Age does not lessen the intensity of emotions, far from it; and though my hair has become white as snow, it is not from age: on the contrary, it is for the reason you know.  I do not like woman!  nor even hermaphrodites!  I need beings who are the same as me, on whose brows human nobility is graven in more distinct, ineffaceable characters.  Are you sure that those whose hair is long are of the same nature as I?  I do not believe so, and I will abandon my opinion.  Bitter saliva is flowing from my mouth, I do not know why.  Who will suck it for me, that I may be rid of it?  It is is still rising!  I have noticed that when I suck blood from the throats of those who sleep beside me (the supposition that I am a vampire is false, since that is the name given to the dead who rise from their graves; whereas I am living), I throw up part of it on the following day: this is the explanation of the vile saliva.  What do you expect me to do, now that my organs, weakened by vice, refuse to accomplish the functions of digestion?  But do not reveal these confidences to anyone.  It is not for my own sake that I am telling you this; it is for yourself and the others, that the influence of the secret I have imparted should keep within the bounds of duty and virtue those who, magnetized by the electricity of the unknown, would be tempted to imitate me.  Be so good as to look at my mouth (for the moment I have no time to use a longer formula of politeness); at first sight it strikes you by its appearance; there is no need to bring the snake into your comparison; it is because I am contracting the tissue as far as it will possibly go, to give the impression that I am cold of temperament.  But you really know that the diametrical opposite is true.  If only I could see the face of him who is reading me through these seraphic pages.  If he has not passed puberty, let him approach.  Hold me tight against you, and do not be afraid of hurting me; let us contract our muscles.  More.  I feel it is futile to continue.  The opacity of this piece of paper, remarkable in more ways than one, is a most considerable obstacle to our complete union.  I have always had a perverse fancy for schoolboys and the emaciated children of the factories.  My words are not the recollections of a dream, and I would have too many memories to disentangle if I were obliged to describe all those events which by their evidence could corroborate the veracity of my woeful statement.  Human justice has not yet caught me in the act, despite the expertise of its policemen.  I even murdered (not long ago!) a pederast who was not responding adequately to my passion; I threw his body down a disused well, and there is no decisive evidence against me.  Why are you quivering with fear, young adolescent reading me?  Do you think I want to do the same thing to you?  You are being extremely unjust...You are right: do not trust me, especially if you are handsome.  My sexual parts perpetually offer the lugubrious spectacle of turgescence; no one can claim (and how many have approached!) that he has ever seen them in the normal flaccid state, not even the shoeblack who stabbed me there in a moment of ecstasy!  The ungrateful wretch!  I change my clothes twice a week; cleanliness, however, is not the principal motive for my resolution.  If I did not act thus, the members of mankind would disappear after a few days, in prolonged struggles.  In fact, whatever country I am in, they continually harass me with their presence, and come and lick the surface of my feet.  But what power can my drops of sperm possess, that they attract everything which breathes through olfactory nerves to them!  They come from the banks of the Amazon, they cross the valleys watered by the Ganges, they abandon the polar lichen on long journeys in search of me, they ask the unmoving cities whether they have glimpsed, passing along their ramparts, him whose sacred sperm sweetens the mountains, the lakes, the heaths, the promontories, the immensity of the seas!  Despair at not being able to find me (I secretly hide in the most inaccessible places to inflame their ardour) drives them to the most deplorable acts.  They stand, three hundred thousand on each side, and the roaring of the cannons serves as a prelude to the battle.  Each flank moves at the same time, like a single warrior.  Squares are formed and then immediately fall, never to rise again.  The terrified horses flee in all directions.  Cannonballs plough up the ground like implacable meteors.  The scene of the battle is now but a field of carnage, when night reveals its presence and the silent moon appears through a break in the clouds.  Pointing out a space of several leagues strewn with corpses, the vaporous crescent of that star orders me to consider for a moment, as the subject of meditative reflections, the fatal consequences which the inexplicable enchanted talisman that Providence granted me, leaves in its wake.  Unfortunately it will take many more centuries before the human race completely perishes as a result of my perfidious snare.  Thus it is that a clever but by no means bombastic mind uses, to achieve its ends, the very means which would at first appear to present an insuperable obstacle to their achievement.  My intelligence always soars towards this imposing question, and you yourself are witness that it is no longer possible for me to remain within the bounds of the modest subject which I had planned to deal with at the outset.  A final was a winter night.  While the cold wind whistled through the firs, the Creator opened his doors in the darkness and showed a pederast in.

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