Friday, July 5, 2013

Chaos from orders.

The sun never appeared. A giant star shone his way. He's there, he's always there. The wind takes his hand and he blows. He becomes a gentle breeze of distress. Lonesome and bowing low. Tearful and gazing above. Wrapped by limit and clasped by infinity. Reputedly virtuous and coldly awakened. So far, the delights of grief. Even from the calm lake. The gentle breeze. Of awakening. Foaming. Eviscerating rats. Then the red fish.
A mutual light we found. Tell me you initiated one, shall i remark the way back? Cause the world is around.
He won't be led. He'll swim. Everywhere. He waited, but asleep she fell. Sinking in the wide bed. The faithful paranoiac fucking with the muses. And whispering whatever. No matter. As far as he was meant to wait. With the barking dogs. Discretion included.

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