Friday, March 11, 2011

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar

..and let me know if Caesar gives that back. He built the empire of replying. Your castle of stones.
I know they made blood out of it, gave birth to the shell, but forgot or lacked the possibility to rear the absolute; the absolute of bearing. They were trapped; in waste sheeny hollows they dreamt of tomorrow. Captives of morningstar, the yielding children of rebellion, of an austere dominion. They're dumb, they're kids. A despotism of self-infliction.
Illusionists picked up snakes with their hands and drank deadly poisons and paid. They replied when turning back again. They built graveyards for the waters, to drown.
Then behold the leprous and naked knights blindly groping through this night of mine swords that brought agony but never touched lips. They shed those upon the Earth with arrows piercing the heart of the hermit. Red blood kindled the flesh and freezed. Rampants of the dusk. The ones meant for the bitterness' vastness. They're silent. They're pervading the ether. Till the dawn. To destroy the crown.