Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Demonographia ~ Collin de Plancy III

28. Deumus, goddess of the inhabitants of Calicut in Malabar. This goddess, who is nothing more than a devil adored under the name of Deumus, wears a crown , has four horns on her head and four hooked teeth in her mouth which are very strong; she has a pointed and hooked nose, feet like a roaster, and hold between her claws a soul which she seems ready to devour.

29. Euronyme, superior demon, prince of death, according to several demonomaniacs. He has a huge, long teeth, a dreadful body all covered with sores and for clothing, a fox skin. The pagans knew him. Pausanians said that he fed on carrion and dead bodies. He has in the temple of Delphi a statue which shows him with a black complexion, baring his huge teeth like a famished wolf and sitting on a vulture skin.

30. Flaga. woe-working Scandinavian fairy. Some said that she was only a magician who had an eagle for riding.

31. Flauros, grand-general of hell. He was seen in the form of a terrible leopard. When he took human form, he wore a frightful face with burning eyes. He knows the past, the present and the future, raises all the demons or spirits against their enemies, the exorcists, ad commands twenty legions.

32. Forcas, knight, high president of hell; he appears in the guise of a vigorous man, with a long beard and white hair; he is mounted upon a large horse and holds a sharp-pointed dart. He knows the virtues of herbs and precious stones. He teaches logic, esthetics, chiromancy, pyromancy, and rhetoric. He can make a man invisible, ingenious and well-spoken. He can be made to find lost things; he can discover treasures, and he has under his orders twenty nine legions of demons.

33. Furfur, count of hell.He can be seen in the guise of a stag with a flaming tail; he speaks only lies, unless he be enclosed in a triangle. He often takes the form of an angel, speaks with a raucous vioce and sustains the union between hasbands and wives. He makes fall the thunderbolt, the lightning flash and the thunder groan in the places he has been oredered to do so. He responds on abstract things. Twenty six legions are under his orders.

34. Ganga-Gramma, feminine demon whom the Indians hold in great dread, and consequently to whom they offer great honors. He has a single headand fours arms; he holds a small bowl inhis left hand, and a three-pronged fork in his right. He is drawn in processions on a chariot with plenty of pomp; sometimes his fanatics were so crazed with devotion that they threw themselves under his wheels. Goats were the ordinary victims that were burned to him. In sickness or in any other danger, he was found among the Indians who took a vow to him. If they recovered, the practice of honoring Ganga-Gramma was as follows. One sank down in a skin backed with hooks, by which means one was raised in the air; there they performed sleight-of-hand and cut capers beforethe spectators. When simple and credulous women, who were persuaded that this ceremony is agreeable to Ganga-Gramma and would cause them no harm, consented, then there was no time to change their mind before they were already in the air. The cries of the assistants stifled their complaints. A kind of penitence, always in honor of this same demon, consists of letting a string pass through his chair, and to dance while the other people pull this string. The night fllowing the festival of Ganga-Gamma one sacrificed to him a buffalo whose blood had filled a vase which was placed before his image. One swears that the very next day the blood had vanished. Soe authors say that simetimes, instead of a buffalo, one immolates a human victim.

35. Garuda, fabulous bird who is often represented with the head of a handsome yong man, whith a white ring around the neck and the body of an eagle. He serves as a mount to Vishnu, like the eagle who served as a vehicle for Jupiter. The Indians tell that he was hatched from an egg his mother, Diti, had laid and brooded over five years.

36. Gomory, pwerful duke of hell; he appears in the form of a woman; he has a ducal crown on his head, and he is mounted on a camel. He responds concerning the present, the past, and the future; he can discover hidden treasures; he commands twenty six legions.

37. Haborym, fire demon, also called Aym. He carries in hell the title of duke; he rides a viper and he has hree heads; one is a serpent, the other is a man, the third a cat. He holds a flaming torch in his hand. He commands twenty six legions. Some say he is the same as Raum, but we doubt it.

38. Ippes or Apperos, prince andocunt of hell; he appears in the form of an angel, sometimes as that of a lion, with the head and feet of a goose and with a short hare's tail; he knows the past and the future, gives genius andaudacity to men, and commands thirty six legions.

39. Lamia, queen of Libya, who splits open the bellies of pregnant women to devour the fruits of their wombs. She gave her name to the «lamias» who were evil demons. They could be found in the deserts in female form with dragons' heads at the end of their feet. They also haunted cemeteries where they disinterred cadavers and ate them, leaving nothing of the dead except their bones.


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