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Demonographia ~ Collin de Plancy I

1. Abigor, demon of a superior order, grand duke of the infernal monarchy. Sixty legions march under his orders. He shows himself in the guise of a good horseman carrying a lance, a standard, or a scepter; he answers easily those who ask concerning the secrets of warfare, knows the future and instructs the leaders in the ways of being belove by their soldiers.

2. Abracax or Abraxax, first of the gods of several Asian theogonies, whose name is taken from the philactery abracadabra. Abracax is represented on amulets with the head of a cock, dragon's feet and a whip in his hand. Demonographers have made him a demon, who has the head of a king and serpents for feet. The Basilidians, twelfth century heretics, saw him as their supreme god. Since they found that the seven Greek letters which formed his name added up in greek to the number 365, which is the number of days in a year. They placed under hic command several orders of genies who presided over 365 heavens, to whom they attributed 365 virtues, one for each day. The Basilidians further claimed that Jesus Christ was nothing more than a benevolent phantom sent to Earth by Abracax.

3. Adramelech, high chancellor of hell, steward of the wardrobe of the sovereign demons, president of the high council of devils. He was at Sepharvaim, city of the Assyrians, who burned children in his altars. The rabbis say that he shows himself with the countenance of a mule, and sometimes with that of a peacock.

4. Aguares, grand-duke of the eastern part of hell. He is shown as a lord drawn by wires riding on the back of a crocodile, a sparrowhawk at his fist. He makes deserters return to the charge on the side that he protects and puts the enemy to flight. He dignifies them, teaches all languages, and makes dance the earth spirits. This chief of the demons is of the order of the virtues; he has under his laws thirty one legions.

5. Alastor, harsh demon, supreme executor of the sentences of the infernal monarchy. He functions as Nemesis. Zoroaster calls him "the executioner". Origen says that he is the same as Azazel; others confound him with the exterminating angel. The ancients called evil spirits "alastores" and Plutarch says that Cicero, through hatred of Augustus, had conceived the idea of killing himself outside the foyer of his prince in order to become his alastor.

6. Alocer, powerful demon, grand-duke of hell; he shows himself dressed like a knight, mounted upon an enormous horse; his face recalls the features of a lion; he has an inflamed complexion, ardent eyes; he speaks gravely; he teaches the secrets of astronomy abd the liberal arts; he dominates thirty sex legions.

7.Amduscias, grand-duke of hell; he has the form of an unicorn but when he is envoked he shows himself in human guise. He gives concerts, if one commands him to do so; one hears then, without seeing anything, the sound of trumpets and other musical instruments. trees incline to his voice. He commands twenty nine legions.

8. Amon or Aamon, great and powerful marquis of the infernal empire. He has the form of a wolf, with a serpent's tail; he vomits flames; when he takes human form, he has only the body of a man; his head resembles that of an owl and his beak shows very slim canine teeth. This is the most solid of the princes of the demons. He knows the past and the future, and reconciles, when he wishes, friends who have fallen out. He commands forty legions.
The Egyptian saw in Amon or Amoun their supreme God; they represented him as having blue skin when he assumes human form.

9. Andras, grand marquis of hell. One sees him with the body of an angel, the head of a screech owl, riding on a black wolf and carrying a pointed saber in his hand. he advices those whom he favors on how to kill their enemies, masters and servants; he is the one who escalates discord and quarrels; he commands thirty legions.

10. Asmode`e, destroying demon, the same as Samael, according to several rabbis. he is the superintendent of the gaming houses. He sows dissipation and error. The rabbis contend that he will one day dethrone Solomon; but that soon Solomon will charge him with steel, and force him to aid him in the battle for the temple of Jerusalem. Tobie, following these same rabbis, having expelled him, with the smoked spleen of a fish, from within the body of the young Sara whom he possessed, the angel Raphael will imprison him in the depths of Egypt. Paul Lucas said that he has seen him on one of his travels. One is amused by him on this subject; meanwhile, one can read in the Courrier de l'Egypte that the people of this country still adore the serpent Asmode`e, the one who had a temple in the desert of Ryanneh. One avers that this serpent cuts himself into pieces, and that immediately after he disappears.
This Asmode`e is considered by some to be the ancient serpent who seduced Eve. The Jews, who call him "Asmodai", made him the prince of demons, as one can see in the Chaldean paraphrase. he is in hell; according to Wierus, a strong and powerful king, who has three heads; the first resembles that of a bull, the second that of a man, the third that of a ram. He has a serpent's tail, the feet of a goose and flaming breath. He shows himself mounted on a dragon, carrying in his hand a standard and a lance. He is nonetheless, according to the infernal hierarchy, in submission to king Amoy(u)mon. When one exorcises him, it is necessary to be steadfast and to call him by his name. He gives rings made under the influence of a certain constellation; he advices men on how to render themselves invisible and instructs them in geometry, arithmetic, astronomy and the mechanical arts. He knows also of treasures, which one can force him to reveal; 72 legions obey him. He is also named Chammadai and Su(y)donai. Asmodee was one of the demons who possessed Madeleine Bavent.

11. Astaroth, very powerful grand-duke of hell. He has the form of an extremely ugly angel, and shows himself astride a hellish dragon; he holds a viper in his left hand. Some magicians say that he presides over the East, that he procesures the goodwill of great lords and that he can be conjured up on Wednesday. The Sidonians and the Philistines used to worship him, He is, it is said, high treasurer of hell. Wierus informs us that he knows the past and the future, that hereplies willingly to questions about the most secret things, and that he easily discusses the cause of creation, the faults and the fall of angels, about which he knows the whole story. But in these conversations, he suggests that for him it has been un unjust punishment. He instructs in depth in the liberal arts, and commands forty legions. It is him who makes come those who ought to take care in approaching him, on account of his insupportable stink. On account of that it is prudent to hold under his nostrils a silver magic ring, which is a preservative against the fetis odors of demons. Astaroth has been involved in several possessions. He is cited as one of the seven princes of hell who visited Faust, according to the English tradition; he appeared as a serpent, having "a colored tail of variable bricks, two very small, short feet, all yellow, a white and jaundiced body, a ruddy chestnut neck, with arrow points like those of a hedgehog which grow to finger lengths."! Astarte is the feminine of Astaroth. One represents her with the head of a heifer.

12. Azazel, demon second class, guardian of the goat. At the feast of Expiation, which the jews celebrate on the tenth day of the seventh month(September), two goats which are drawn by lot are brought before the high priest: one for the Lord and the other for Azazel. The one who fell on the side of the Lord was immolated, and his blood served as expiation. The high priest would then place both his hands on the head of the other, confess his sins and those of the people, and lay their burden on this animal, who was then led into the desert and set free; and the people, having led the goat of Azazel, called also a scapegoat, the least of his iniquities, was returned to them in silence. According to Milton, Azazel is the first gate-teacher of the infernal armies. It is also the name of a demon who serves him, for his honors, Mark the heretic.

13. Baël, demon cited in Le Grand Grimoire, as the head of the infernal powers. It is also with him that Wierus begins the inventory of his famous Pseudomonarchia demonum.He calls Baël the first king of hell; his estates are in the East. He is hsown with three heads, of which one has the face of a toad, the other that of a man, the third is that of a cat. His voice is raucous; but he is well formed. He repays those who invoke him with cunning and slyness and teaches them how to become invisible at need. Sixty six legions obey him. Is he the same as Baal?

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