Saturday, May 8, 2010

(to the some-misery)

These days of enchanting misery
arranged the endless time of my mortal soul
Frustrated, condemned, brought in a carnal human shape
Constrained will of freedom left behind

Disgusting smell of life fades with my existence of necessity
immobile to chase dreams and joys,
Stucked inside the emptiness of time
i get pleasure from my nothingness

The human torture of a fatal crown
will now enjoy its actors of this darkened pain
Cause of being part of this holy shit
my 'happiness' shall never be gone away

The journey of my unique step
held me through lands of bloodstained fields
No request for the humiliated ones
Not even a single word from the mouth of the lost

I am the damned, with dreams of words unspoken
The apocalyptic failure of rotten genesis
Bewildered creature of anguish and monotony
Bounded to ashes of history and time

Beasts of these mountains and higher landscapes,
prepare your final welcomings for the end of the day.
'Imagine, the moon of my nights and
The dancing souls of morning agonies
The touch of every leaf falling down
and the whispering of the winds'.
Thus become the ones of a final battling.

You, just follow yourself
Let me go deeper into this mud
For my abysses of solitude,
Shall always rise upon me.

Rain falls heavily from the darkened skies
Hands are shivering from all the cold
No sorrow, no pain, nor happiness,
Just leave this human satisfied with emptiness.
Bearing the eternal mournings of the soul