Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Death by Drowning

They say death by drowning is the worst death of all. At least it’s one of the most common answers among general public when asked which is the worst death they could imagine – majority of people picks death by drowning. I guess it’s the fear of suffocation and the helplessness most of us have experienced in one way or another when learning to swim and someone pulled a joke on you weighted you down in deep water. Everything else goes aside when you’re pulled under water, so I do think death by drowning deserves its prize for being the most feared death of all.

According to incomplete story that comes with the photo of a bloated man above, it’s the body of one of two brothers who went swimming and this one got caught in fishing nets and drowned. The story has it his body was not found until seven days later, which is why he’s so bloated and seems to be missing skin on his face (perhaps it was eaten by the fish?). However I can’t imagine a brother abandoning his brother who’d drown while he’s there. Why would it take 7 days to fish him out of the water? Furthermore, if he truly got caught in the fishing nets, that would mean he would not get carried away by running water. Anyway – story simply doesn’t add up, at least not to me, but what do I know.

Provided the story is true, though, this man would have gone through exactly the type of death so many people fear. He’d get caught in the fishing net that keeps him stuck under water and he knows he only has seconds before he falls unconscious, he keeps struggling to get himself out, but time is against him. He gets weaker every second and twitching just gets his stuck deeper in the net. He eventually takes a breath of water, his lungs will with liquids causing cerebral hypoxia which then leads to death by drowning. Once abandoned in water, his body bloats like in photo above. Why his face is missing, I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine there.


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